BEST Courses
Do you want to start your journey with AI and have no idea where to begin? In our course, we will be covering the basics of AI and data science, so basic python knowledge is more than enough to participate and have fun with us! Event is going to take place at one of the BEST technical universities in Poland – AGH University of Science and Technology. We know that studying is not all about working hard, sometimes you also gotta have fun! Keeping that in mind, during our course you’ll have the opportunity to participate in integration parties and lovely weekend trip. All informations about our course can be found Here(
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One of the largest projects implemented internationally are the academic courses organized by each local group of BEST. This project perfectly fits both our goals and the values ​​of our Association such as friendship, fun, learning and development. Academic courses take place in four different seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. They are organized by students for students.

The length of each course ranges from one to two weeks, combining both the training part and opportunity to experience and explore other countries. Thanks to courses, students, including students from the AGH University of Science and Technology, can develop their interests, train their English skills and improve their soft skills through group work.
Academic courses allow you to visit 3 of 34 countries across Europe. In addition to typical educational activities, participants of the courses take part in cultural events during where they break stereotypes and can experience intercultural differences in person: different customs, values, attitudes and worldviews. During the course, there are also language evenings and even international cuisine evenings.
What makes our courses unique is the very low cost that the participants have to pay. Individuals who sign to this event, have to reach their destination on their own and pay a fee that does not exceed € 50. This is a low amount is achieved thanks to universities and companies that subsidize student activity.

The BEST academic courses is way to spend the best two weeks of your life in a beautiful city for such a modest sum, combining learning with fun, meeting friends for life from different countries and backgrounds.