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Do you want to start your journey with AI and have no idea where to begin? In our course, we will be covering the basics of AI and data science, so basic python knowledge is more than enough to participate and have fun with us! Event is going to take place at one of the BEST technical universities in Poland – AGH University of Science and Technology. We know that studying is not all about working hard, sometimes you also gotta have fun! Keeping that in mind, during our course you’ll have the opportunity to participate in integration parties and lovely weekend trip. All informations about our course can be found Here(

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Academic courses are two-week trips where you can meet about 22 students from all over Europe as well as you will have chance to learn something interesting in an unconventional way.

If you want to visit one of the 34 European countries, meet great people and have fun and all for a little money - apply for our academic courses!

4 seasons

50 euro

7 - 14 days