Engineering Job Fair

One of the most recognizable projects organized by BEST AGH Kraków are Engineering Job Fairs. For twenty three years this event aims to create opportunity for direct contact between students and employers. Our priority is to reach out to as many young people and company representatives from all trades. Since 2016, Job Fairs are held at Stadion Miejski im. Henryka Reymana, where each year ten thousand students can look for job opportunities in over sixty engineering companies. This year's edition will be held online.


European BEST Engineering Competition is the biggest engineering competition in Europe, allowing students to bring event the most unbelievable ideas to life. Two categories - Team Design and Case Study, focus on different areas of engineering skills. Those with like to get their hands dirty will have an opportunity to build amazing constructions. Students with more of an analytical approach can compete to come up with creative solutions to the theoretical problems. Three stages of contest- local, national and international bring fierce competition to all participants. 


BITEhackBEST IT Extended Hackathon. One of the biggest events of the Students' Association BEST AGH Kraków. It is the successor to the BAIT (BEST Automatics & IT Festival) project, which has been taking place for 8 years and is taking on a new, innovative form since last three years. Hackathon is divided into two competitions: the classic one and the robotics. The event is addressed to programming enthusiasts, especially students of majors related to the IT market, such as: computer science, electronics, automatic control and robotics.

BEST Courses

Do you want to start your journey with AI and have no idea where to begin? In our course, we will be covering the basics of AI and data science, so basic python knowledge is more than enough to participate and have fun with us! Event is going to take place at one of the BEST technical universities in Poland – AGH University of Science and Technology. We know that studying is not all about working hard, sometimes you also gotta have fun! Keeping that in mind, during our course you’ll have the opportunity to participate in integration parties and lovely weekend trip. All informations about our course can be found Here(
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One of the biggest brands under BEST belt are BEST Courses. Putting all five values of BEST together: learning, friendship, fun, flexibility and improvement courses allow students from all over Europe to get the taste of other cultures, and gain knowledge on different areas of engineering. Organized in over ninety cities from 34 countries during four season: spring, summer, autumn and winter Courses are excellent opportunity to travel and meet new people with similar interests.