European BEST Engineering Competition is international event taking place in over 30 countries in Europe. Main purpose of this event is to create opportunity for students of technical universities to check their own practical knowledge, creativity and problem solving abilities.
Competition consists of three rounds. Local Round - where sudents have to pass Elmination Test which checks basic technical knowledge, logical thinking and creativity, then participants proceed to Local Final, where we find most outstanding teams in Team Design and Case Study categories.
Next round is National Final, where winners of Local Finals compete with each other.
Final round is European Final, where most talented engineers from over 90 countries can test themselves among best of the best.
EBEC is divided in 2 categories:
Team Design is a practical, hands-on, project-based challenge that requires design, construction and presentation of a prototype model that can successfully meet specific construction and operation criteria. The model must be created through the use of basic tools and low-cost, limited materials.
Case Study is a theoretical, problem-solving challenge that requires analysis, research, discussion, testing and presentation of a solution for a current economical, legal or social problem. The solution must be provided within a limited amount of time.
Ideas in both categories are judged by Jury, whose composition is enriched by the academic group of the AGH University of Science and Technology and representatives of the competition partners.